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We are Honored to Have Been Chosen as Carolina Auto Recycler's (CAR) 2019 Recycler of the Year!

Every year the Carolina Automotive Recyclers Association board votes to recognize a fellow CAR member for their outstanding service and dedication both to the industry and to their community.  This is an annual award and is presented at the Annual CAR Meeting.  The 2019 recipient of the Recycler of the Year Award was Schronce Used Parts & Cars… 

Press Release from Carolina Auto Recyclers Association:

The Carolina Auto Recyclers Association is honored to present the 2019 Recycler of the Year Award to to Keith Schronce and his family, owners of  Schronce Used Parts and Cars.

    Their story…  James Clark Schronce and his son, James Albert “Ab” Schronce, began selling automotive parts left over from building race cars from their front yard in 1960.  The two of them soon realized they could make a profit.  Later in the decade Ab moved the home business to a larger lot of land that was purchased and built a small office within a four bay garage with a lift outside.  Ab and his wife, Shirley, spent many days and nights working to build a thriving business.  Their new home was built on the property so they never really “left work”.  Years passed and Ab built additional buildings for a larger office, more space for salesmen, inside lifts and space to house unbolted inventory.  He also purchased additional lots of land for whole car inventory storage.  Ab and Shirley had three sons (David, Ronnie, and Keith) that joined them when they became old enough to work. Before the internet Ab travelled to Virginia and Maryland to purchase cars.  He would work the sale and then haul the cars back with a hired driver to help.  When the sons were old enough to work David became a salesperson, Ronnie worked in the yard and Keith became the buyer and hauler.  David and Ronnie eventually left the family business.  Shirley continued to be a business partner and secretary as long as her health permitted.  She passed away in 2004.  Ab continued to be the owner as Keith was responsible for the operations of the business.  Ab’s health began a steady decline and he passed away in March, 2010.  Ab placed his trust in Keith to take over Schronce Used Parts.  Since becoming the owner Keith has purchased additional land, improved storage areas, hired additional workers and has worked endlessly to build the business into the successful operation.